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Romoss Sense 8P+ 30,000mAh Power Bank Review

Romoss sense 8p+ review

If you live in a place where there is no constant power supply, there is a very good need for a power bank. Not just a power bank but a very good sustainable power bank. That’s why I went out to research and found this 30,000mAh power bank dubbed the Romoss Sense 8P Plus power bank. There are lots of Romoss power banks out there but I just decided to go for this one. So this is my honest Romoss Sense 8P+ 30,000mAh power bank review. But before then, let me show you what you will get in the box.

What’s inside the box of Romoss Sense 8P+ 30,000mAh power bank?

Inside the box of the power bank, it is very simple. What you get are the:

  1. Power Bank itself
  2. User Manual

ROMOSS sense 8p+ power bank

That’s all you get in the box. Yes, it doesn’t come with a charger in the box, you will need to buy one but read till the end, I will recommend a charger that I use.

Body and design

The first thing I noticed when I held this power bank is its heaviness. Yes, the power bank is heavy and I know it’s because of the 30,000mAh power inside. It can’t fit in your pocket, you will only need to keep it in one place and charge your device. If you need to go out with it, then you definitely need a backpack.
For me personally, I have never had a problem with that because I will just keep it one place and plug my phone in, no big deal. At the front, you can see that it has a display.

Romoss sense 8p+

All the power banks that I have used in the past don’t have a display and that makes it very hard to determine the battery percentage left. Thankfully, this one came with a display so it is easy to tell the level of the battery left. At the top of the Romoss Sense 8P 30,000mAh power bank, you can see five ports.
You can refer to the diagram below to know what the ports are.

ROMOSS sense 8p+ power bank

How long does it last?

This the best power bank ever. The 30,000mAh is indeed 30,000mAh unlike all those fake power banks out claiming to have such numbers. To tell you how long it lasts, I have a 4000mAh battery smartphone and this power bank charges it 6 good times! It is not an exaggeration but that’s the fact. I charged the power bank to 100% and plugged my 4000mAh smartphone that is at 0% and left. I came back later and my smartphone is at 100%.

I checked the battery percentage of the power bank and it is
84%. That means my smartphone took 16% of the battery from the Power bank to get full. As I showed you in the diagram above, the power bank has fast charging support. It took 1 hour and 53 minutes to fully charge my phone. Note that your smartphone needs to have a fast-charging capability for it to charge it fast. If your smartphone doesn’t support fast charging, then it is not going to fast charge it.

That will take 2 hours and 40 minutes to charge if your smartphone doesn’t support fast charging. But hey, this is 2021 and I know a lot of you have a fast-charging smartphone. In case you are wondering, my phone supports 18w fast charging.

How long does Romoss sense 8p+ take to re-charge?

I tried so hard to kill the power bank and that took me 3 days to kill just to know how long it takes to recharge back. I used an 18W charger plugged into the wall socket and it took 11 hours to fully charge this power bank. Yes, the Romoss sense 8p+ takes a very long time to recharge. Like I said before, the power bank doesn’t come with a charger in the box. So I bought a separate 18W Romoss charger for it.

The charger costs 5000 Naira ($10) at the time of writing while the Power bank costs 19,000 Naira ($40). If you wish to buy it, you can contact us through social media and we will send it to you.


Romoss sense 8p plus

To conclude, the Romoss Sense 8p+ is the best power bank you can buy today without a headache. I have used it for close to 7 months now but no single problem or whatsoever. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a charger. Have any questions? Please feel free to leave them in the comment below and we will get back to you as fast as possible.



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