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Huawei Smart Screen S TVs to go on sale tomorrow in China

Huawei Smart Screen S

Huawei launched a new set of TVs on December 21 dubbed the Smart Screen S and Smart Screen S Pro in China. Now a new report we got reveals that the Smart TVs will go on its first sale tomorrow and would be available for 3299 Yuan which translates to $505 USD. This TVs are powered by Hongmeng OS and has 120Hz high-brush 4K screen.

The color is equipped with 92% DCI-P3 wide color gamut which will enhance the picture quality. Huawei Smart Screen S series is equipped with a pop-up AI camera which supports 1920×1080 pixels resolution video call. It also supports large display screen call to other large screen TV as well as smart TV to mobile phone calls, mobile phone calls to smart TV calls.

The transfer function can quickly transfer the smooth communication on the mobile phone to the smart screen under the same LAN, making it more comfortable to chat and communicate. At the same time, support for smart screen and Huawei children’s watch to communicate smoothly (currently supported model: Huawei smart children’s watch 4X), and support for voice calls, so that the elderly and children can also chat without barriers.

Huawei Smart Screen S

And it supports super-resolution processing of the video images returned by the children’s watch, and the SD second becomes HD, and the video call is clearly. In terms of audio, the Huawei Smart Screen S series breaks through the traditional industry standard. It adopts a 4*10W speaker unit solution, equipped with 1L independent large sound cavity, including two 10W full-range speakers and two 10W tweeters, and two high-frequency speakers.

Using a unique patented technology, high frequency, and human voice can be enhanced by 8dB so that when watching a movie, the dialogue between the characters will be heard more clearly. Those in China can pick up their Smart Screen S TV in Huawei Mall from 0:00 tomorrow.



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